PCPIN Chat is a powerful and secure professional instant messaging system written in PHP and MySQL. It has large ammount of features and highly customizable. PCPIN Chat was written with security considerations in mind, so there was only one public discovered vulnerability in a default configuration since more than 5 years!
PCPIN Chat is the first and primary PCPIN project.

Download latest stable PCPIN Chat version
PCPIN Chat online demo
PCPIN Chat development CVS source tree
PCPIN Chat Bugtracker

PCPIN Chat implements following features:
  • Multilingual support
  • User management system
    • Automated registration system
    • 'Guest' login possible
    • Account activation
    • Account pruning
    • Password recovery system
    • User profiles with name, location, email, age, gender, photos ...
    • Intelligent privileges system for:
      • chat statistics
      • chat design
      • chat settings
      • edit users
      • kick users
      • ban users/IP addresses
      • post global messages
      • manage advertisement
      • manage smilies
      • manage bad words
      • manage privileges
      • manage rooms
  • Multiple rooms
    • Users can create own rooms
    • Password-protected rooms
    • Room background images
  • Private messaging
    • in new pop-up
    • in main chat window
  • Global messaging
  • 'Invitation' system
  • Ban control
    • Ban users
    • Ban IP addresses
  • Manageable event sounds
  • Manageable smilies
  • Logging into database or CSV file
  • IRC commands support
  • Full SSL support
  • "Invite" functionality

Server requirements: Client requirements:
  • Web browser with enabled JavaScript